Including The Top 5 questions successful people ask in their job interview to land their dream job

It is always daunting getting towards the end of the interview and the final question gets pulled out: “Do you have any questions?”. And, crickets…

An interview can sometimes feel like a bit of an interrogation. Even more so if you are lining up for a dream job.

The final interview question is one that many interviewees forget to prepare for, and completely draw a blank on, resulting in a massive missed opportunity.

It’s your last chance to leave a great impression on your future employer and your own questions could be the ones that determine your success.

In an increasingly competitive job market, you must take every opportunity to stand out and increase your chances at landing the job.

Interviews are a two-way street

An interview is YOUR chance to ask questions as well. This is your opportunity to find out if the role is a good fit for you and if you want to be part of the company’s working environment.

What’s important to consider is that even though the traditional interview format is…

Interviewer: Question.

You: Answer.


… it doesn’t have to be that way. You can show off your friendly nature and communication skills by asking relevant questions throughout the whole interview, not just at the end.

Think about framing the interview as more of a conversation rather than an interrogation. It will make it far more enjoyable for both you and the interviewer.

It is always good to have a stash of questions in your back pocket that you can whip out in the interview to show you are passionate, prepared and eager.

I’m not saying you need to pull out your notepad and all 7 questions in your interview – that may be a little overwhelming. But you can ask ones that are most important to you.

You may also find that by the end of your interview, some of these questions have already been answered. In this case, avoid doubling up on the same information! Ensure you are listening carefully during your interview, so you don’t waste time.

These questions are here to show that you care about the position being offered as well as being well prepared for your interview.

Here’s 5 questions to ask to impress your future employer during your next job interview:

1. What are the values, culture and long-term goals of the company?

This question shows you value company culture and gives you an opportunity to find out a little more about the ethos of the business to see if your values align.

By asking about company goals for the future, this demonstrates that you are eager to stay in this position for a long time which is always a bonus to any employer.

2. Can you tell me about the team I’ll be working with?

If it hasn’t already been discussed, you can ask about the team you will work closely with if you get the role.

On her LinkedIn blog, Interview Coach and Trainer, Margaret Buj, suggest this is a good question to ask. It will help you understand more about the company and show your interest in helping the team.

3. What do you see as the most challenging aspects of this job?

This is a question leading job seeker podcast Interview Preparation Simplified suggest asking in your job interview. The advantage of asking this question is that it shows you are ready to take on the issues that come with the job and are interested in creating a plan to solve them.

4. What would a typical day look like for the role being offered?

According to Catalina Consultants’ Senior HR Consultant Stephanie Moffitt, this is a great question to ask in an interview.

“This can potentially give you a lot of insights. It will tell you what proportion of the role would be spent on certain tasks, as well as getting a clearer idea of the company’s expectations and priorities.”1

5. Is there any other information I can provide you with?

Ending your interview with this question puts the ball back in the interviewer’s court. This gives them the opportunity to ask for more information, examples of your work or anything else that may get you one step closer to the job being yours.

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