As someone whose life revolves around helping businesses and people to make positive change, I’m frequently exposed to those who are desperate to make a change but fail to act. It’s incredible to me how often people take the initial steps but fail to take the most important and final step. And whilst I have heard every reason possible as to why people can’t, won’t or simply decide they shouldn’t go through with ‘it’ – something I read over the Christmas break reminded me of the real villain behind inaction.

Regrettably, I’ve never been a mad sci-fi or ‘Mills and Boon’ fan so I do tend to gravitate towards the business and personal development section of Booktopia, which is exactly where I stumbled upon Dave Asprey’s best seller “Game Changers“. It was sometime between 9am Boxing Day morning and a sleep-inducing lunch of Christmas leftovers that I read something in Asprey’s book that allowed me to connect all the dots.

For context, over the course of five years Asprey has spent time with over 450 of the world’s most successful and impactful people, all with a view to learning “their secrets to performing better as a human being”. As I would come to understand, whilst their individual recipes for success were varied, there were also several common threads connecting them all. One of which is to be ‘fearless’.

Fear, Asprey writes, is a combination of two things:

  1. Fear of failure, and
  2. Fear of change (the unknown).

In the world of recruitment, I have absolutely no doubt why business owners and employees alike experience fear when contemplating change. Their existing situation – however frustrating or unrewarding it may be – often feels comfortable, familiar, and without risk.

The tough reality is that in order to get from where you are, to where you truly want to be in life or in business – we must make changes. Be that hiring new people to help with escalating workflow, people that could be as good or better than existing staff but are people we don’t yet ‘know’. Or, moving to a new company with a better culture, more opportunities to grow and to be heard, but would require us to learn new things, meet new people and form new relationships.

So how do the world’s most successful people overcome something which stops so many in their tracks? As Asprey writes, it’s not to say these people don’t experience fear, it’s simply that they “refuse to allow this instinct to keep them from stepping into the unknown.” Asprey concedes that the unknown is scary, but offers the following explanation as to why we experience fear:

“Remember, your mind is a creature of habit, and it operates based on fear – it is always scanning your environment looking for things to be afraid of, and it makes decisions for you in the interests of keeping you “safe”. Asprey goes on to write “but in reality, giving into fear doesn’t make you safe. And not taking risks makes you weaker, not stronger.”

So, if our primal instinct is to play it safe, and if moving from where we are today to where we truly want to be requires taking risk, how then do with combat something so ingrained within us? In Part 2 of this article, I’ll share with you the proven tool you can use to overcome the fear that is holding you back, the same tool used by some of the world’s most successful and impactful people.

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