Discover the 3 most-in-demand jobs every professional services industry needs right now

We’ve been hearing a lot about job growth.

We’ve seen the reports of un-employment rates declining.

But if you’re actually on the job hunt, it’s hard to know how to capitalise on these improved job search conditions – not to mention where and what to look for.

After an unpredictable year, the Australian job industry seems to be gaining back some stability. Back in December alone we said hello to 50,000 new jobs across Australia1.

If we look closer to home, Newcastle is no exception from the good news! According to this Newcastle Herald article, Newcastle jobless rates are at a nine-month low.

But as you’re scrolling through job ads, it may seem like a myth. It can be hard to know which job is actually the one for you and more importantly, which ones are going to give you that much-needed sense of security.

A secure and stable job has never been more valued.

So, where are they?

According to Regional Australia Institute, jobs are booming in the regional areas of Australia compared to the big cities.

New figures from the Regional Australia Institute reveal the regional areas where jobs are booming.

There seems to be a post-COVID-19 trend to move away from the hustling, bustling major cities in favour of peace and quiet.

But finding a new job shouldn’t mean having to pack up shop and move to the outback! There are still jobs available in every city and the perfect ‘in-between’ is right here in Newcastle. It’s big enough to be a city and small enough to still be classified as “regional”.

In saying that, using Seek data, we wanted to share more than just where the jobs are2. There are certain roles in every industry that have become more important and are booming in their respective industries right now.

Keep an eye out for these positions, they may be perfect for you if you’re looking for greater security in the future.

Here’s the top 3 most-in-demand jobs in each professional services industry


Job Position Job Ad Growth
Company Secretaries 38.4%
Treasury 34.9%
Compliance and Risk 28.9%

Banking and Financial Services

Job Position Job Ad Growth
Compliance and Risk 45.3%
Analysis and Reporting 17.1%
Stockbroking and Trading 16.0%


Job Position Job Ad Growth
Generalists (in house) 28.0%
Industrial Relations and Employment Law 26.6%
Stockbroking and Trading 16.0%

Marketing and Communications

Job Position Job Ad Growth
Direct Marketing and CRM 16.9%
PR and Corporate Affairs 11.4%
Marketing Communications 9.3%

Real Estate and Property

Job Position Job Ad Growth
Retail and Property Development 15.6%
Analysts 11.6%
Body Corporate and Facilities Management 6.9%

Sales and Business Management

Job Position Job Ad Growth
Account and Relationship Management 6.7%
New Business Development 4.7%
Management 2.8%

Administration and Office Support

Job Position Job Ad Growth
Admin Assistant 38.4%
Contract Administration 9.1%
Client and Sales Administration 7.2%

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There are always great jobs available for great people and often they don’t get advertised to the public. This is where a Recruitment Specialist who has the inside industry knowledge and connections can help you find and secure your perfect role – without the usual competition.

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1 Australian Bureaus of Statistics (December 2020).

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