Scoring an interview with a potential employer can feel very rewarding, but there’s still the actual discussion ahead that every applicant needs to think about. Some people would feel invigorated to undergo the interview process, while others would rather just skip the whole thing altogether. Every company will need to screen their employees though, so it’s best to pick up this skill.

One of the best things to learn will be what you shouldn’t say or answer at the interview. There’s a lot of back and forth during that conversation, and it’s best to optimise your speaking time to market yourself positively.

Here are some statements that you should avoid saying:

“I Feel Very Nervous Doing This Interview.”

Admitting that you’re outright nervous when an interviewer asks how you’re doing is not going to give the best impression. Although it’s good to be honest about where your head is at, some things may be better left unsaid to save the conversation.

You can also do a practice interview to avoid feeling nervous in front of the recruiter. Practice speaking in the mirror and rehearse different lines that you can use. When they ask, “how are you?”, share that you’re excited as you’ve been looking forward to the discussion.

“I Left My Job Because of My Last Company.”

Employers may consider this kind of wording as a red flag. When asked about why you left your last job, don’t place the blame on the company. Other businesses will feel that you will badmouth their management as well if you ever leave the place.

Instead of putting the blame on your former workplace, try to spin it into a positive. Answer that you’ve been seeking new opportunities to grow or that you wanted to take your skills to a fresh, new company.

“I Have Everything on My Resume.”

It can be rather rude to just dismiss the questions and say that you have everything on your resume. The interviewer likely knows that information too, but the discussion is an opportunity to expand on it. Talk about your skills and what you’ve learned throughout your experience.

It’s okay to say the phrase “As written in my resume…” or a certain variation of that, but be careful of the tone or just omit it altogether. When they ask something particular about you and what’s on your resume, just jump straight into answering.

“I Don’t Have Any Questions.”

Lastly, as the interview comes to a close and they ask if you have any questions, try to come up with a response. It’s best to form a query during the interview process and bring it up to showcase how attentive and inquisitive you are.

Choose your wording well, though. It is possible to ask for certain details, such as the specific salary, workload, or benefits that come with the position but tread lightly. Some employers may find it off-putting, especially when it’s been advertised in the job description beforehand.

Avoiding statements that can sour the interview, and decrease your chances of getting hired, is crucial. Having said that, with a bit of practice, and by selecting your words carefully throughout the interview, you should be a shoo-in for the position you’re applying for.

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