Are you unhappy in your current role? 

Is this unhappiness motivating you to search for a new job in 2021?

As someone who hates seeing people unhappy in their work, I wanted to show you how you can fast-track your journey from job seeker – to new recruit – by leveraging the power of the world’s #1 professional networking platform.

With ‘connecting professionals’ at its core, LinkedIn is unique, to say the least. 

The platform with over 675 million users worldwide (and counting) has achieved such phenomenal uptake owing to the ease with which complete strangers can connect, build relationships, and do business together. 


And whilst it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to using the platform, here are seven simple, yet highly effective things you can do on LinkedIn to secure your dream job…

1. Be proactive: build your network before you need it

Even though you may not need new connections or opportunities at the time, you never know where a connection will lead you. Having connections helps you be seen by more people on LinkedIn.

Find out more about how to master your job search through networking.

2. Invest 5-10 minutes in checking your profile is complete and up to date

Your LinkedIn profile is a representation of your personal brand and factors heavily in the employee search process for employers and recruiters alike.

Don’t risk a potential future employer knocking you off the list of candidates due to a half-finished LinkedIn profile. Make sure to include all relevant experience and check your information matches that on your current resume.

According to the Official LinkedIn blog:

 “If you have held multiple positions at a single organization, it can be a good practice to include them all on the experience portion of your profile, drawing attention to your company tenure, new responsibilities, and major achievements.”1

3. Raise your profile: get recommendations and endorsements

Strong recommendations and skill endorsements from colleagues and managers past and present provide so much more value than simply you telling people you have a skill. As the saying goes ‘show, don’t tell.’ Your experience, capability, and backstory are 100x more credible if someone else is supporting what you are saying.

Try and reach out to past managers and employers and ask if they would be happy to endorse you. LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations are the new, much more convenient hand-written recommendation letter, and are essential to your profile’s success.

4. Personalise your LinkedIn URL

Your LinkedIn URL is the web address for your profile. It’s a great idea to personalise it if you are on the job hunt especially if you are going to send your LinkedIn URL to employers or recruiters. It shows you have thought about the little details and promotes professionalism.

It also only takes about a minute – learn how to create a custom LinkedIn URL by following this link.

5. Stand out! Optimise your headline

Your headline is one of the first things people see when they check out your profile. It should be clear and stand out to those in your industry. If you are publicly on the job hunt, make it clear in your headline. For example, “Accounting professional seeking new opportunities to grow”.

Be sure to include relevant industry keywords in your headline so that when employers and recruiters are searching for candidates, you will appear based on your catchy headline.  

6. Use LinkedIn as more than just an online resume

More than just an online version of your resume, LinkedIn is a platform for interaction and purpose.

This is an idea discussed in the November 2020 episode of the podcast Find Your Dream Job. In the episode job search, expert Mac Prichard hosts Justin Nguyen, founder of GetChoGrindUp which helps students navigate college and the start of their careers.

…“my whole concept of LinkedIn is that you want to turn it into a landing page, so that when someone does land on it, they know exactly what positions you’re looking for, but also so that you’re able to bring the right people to your page.” – Justin Nguyen

7. Save time and frustration: connect directly with the people who do the hiring

If you’re on the job hunt, you know there’s no time to mess about. Save heaps of the usual time-wasting and frustration by going straight to employers and recruiters. Build relationships with them through LinkedIn.

The best way to do this by conducting an ‘Advanced People Search’ and enter the title “recruiter” or other related titles.

After all, recruiters are the ones with all the right connections plus, it is their #1 priority to connect employers with great candidates.

What are you waiting for?

Leverage the power of LinkedIn today and make 2021 the year you secured a better role and a happier future. 

Callan Dooley is Coastal Recruitment Group’s leading Recruitment Specialist across Newcastle, Central Coast, and Sydney. He uses LinkedIn every day to connect with job seekers and employers.

What’s more, Callan understands the importance of networking and being connected to the right people.

With extensive connections to businesses and employers in the financial services, real estate, business, and marketing industries, Callan is passionate about helping job seekers secure their perfect job in these industries.

If you are ready to progress your career, connect with Callan on LinkedIn today to streamline your job search, and discuss your exciting future ahead.   



1 LinkedIn Official Blog. 

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