Are you always on the lookout for ways to become more successful in life?

Do you ever look at successful people and wonder how they manage to achieve so much in such limited time?

Over the past 5 years I have been lucky enough to have daily interactions with over 200 incredibly successful business leaders – inspiring people from across the Central Coast and right here in Newcastle.

As someone who is a firm believer that success leaves clues, I have made it a habit to ask each and every leader a simple question.

“What’s the 1 thing that has been the biggest contributor to your success?”

Without doubt the most common response I receive to this question is – “my network”.

You’ve probably grown tired of hearing about the importance of networking, but the insights I have gained from my dealings with these seriously successful people have opened my eyes to what a network can really do for you.

More than simply names on a stack of business cards, or your ‘clicked-on’ connections on Linkedin’, Harvard Business Review define a network as being “a fabric of personal contacts who will provide support, feedback, insight, resources and information.”

When you stop to think about anything great you’ve achieved in life, the power and importance of your network becomes incredibly clear.

Someone in your network was there to help you, to plant a seed in your mind, to provide you with the motivation you were lacking, to reassure you with the right path, or to connect you with someone else who knew which path to take.

In “Your Network is Your Net Worth”, author Porter Gale talks about your network as being the key to more wealth, greater success, immediate trust and ultimately a bigger, better life.

So how do you utilise your network to reach your goals, overcome your fears, and eliminate your biggest frustrations?

In my personal observations the key to utilising your network for greatest success is unlocking the power of your connections – something commonly referred to as leveraging your network.

Successful people are not afraid to ask for help. And when they do so, they seek out people who can help get them what they want in life, or at the very least connect them with someone else who can.

When it comes to searching for your dream job: the smartest new job seekers do this when they connect with a recruiter instead of being limited to the hotly contested roles posted on online job boards like Seek, Jora and LinkedIn.

By leveraging the network of a recruiter, you can immediately gain access to a vast web of connections which can lead you to incredible, off-market roles within successful organisations.

If you find yourself wanting more out of life but are becoming increasingly frustrated about the time it’s taking to get there – accelerate your move to a bigger, better life by unlocking the power of your network.

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