From a Good Bloke worth $300M

If you’re constantly on the lookout for ways to be more successful in your profession, this article is for you!

Do you have a tendency to overcomplicate things? Like when you look at successful people and believe they must have uncovered some sort of secret underground playbook created by millionaire moguls?

The aura created by their success makes it that much more difficult to see them as people we could become. Hearing their rags to riches stories excites you, inspires you, only for the common curse of self-doubt to erode any belief that you could emulate their success.

It happens to all of us. But sometimes in life you learn something that changes your outlook completely. Something that instils within you a greater sense of “yeah, I can do that too.”

For as long as I can remember I have been in constant search of ways to be more successful. 3 Years ago I received a piece of advice that would trump anything I’d learnt in all the years previous.

Delivered by a man who knew a thing or two about the topic.

Having just sold his business for a cool $300M it’s fair to say when Pete* spoke, everyone listened.

Truth be told I was surprised I actually managed to ask the question. Well, more like squeaked the question. You know those moments when you know exactly what you want to say, but you’re so nervous your voice changes?

Sweat beading on my brow, and sounding like Kermit the Frog I mustered up the courage:

“What’s your number 1 tip Pete, what’s been the 1 thing you believe has contributed to your success, more than anything else?”

To my astonishment “being a good bloke more often” came his reply.

That’s it? That’s the secret to accumulating a fortune in excess of $300M!? I thought to myself.

He went on…”Cal, in business, no matter whether you’re the owner, an employee or a manager, being the most skilled person at what you do will not make you the most successful in your field.

When it all boils down, business is just people dealing with other people. And we crave dealing with people we actually like.

Price is important, quality is important, delivering on time is important – but being more likeable than your competition will open more doors, get you more second chances and earn you more favourable treatment than anything else.

Think about when you bought something recently. Did you have a choice in who you bought it from? I suspect so. And when making that decision you likely weighed up a variety of factors: price, quality, reputation… and whether or not you actually wanted to give the person, company, or organisation your money. Being likeable will forever have more value than we ever give it credit for.”

I don’t know why, but in that moment I was almost disappointed. I’d hoped for something a little more secretive than ‘being more likeable.’ But here was living, breathing proof of someone who had modelled a $300M business around being more likeable than the competition. Someone who had identified that success stems from relationships. Quality relationships.

Since that point, I have really begun to notice how often this plays out. In my role as a recruiter, I’ve noticed this time and time again when shortlisting candidates for roles in professional services across Newcastle, The Hunter and The Central Coast.

Skills are important, experience is important. But more than anything else, it’s how well the candidate gets along with the HR manager or company owner. That’s the thing that has the largest bearing on the outcome of the interview process.

And oddly enough it’s not something that takes all that much effort.

Next time you find yourself seeking greater success, try following Pete’s advice, and remember that finding success is far less complicated than we make it out to be.

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*Pete’s real name was changed for privacy reasons

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