(and why outsourcing is the key to a better life as a business owner)

Author: Callan Dooley

In my daily interactions with successful business owners, I’m forever asking questions about their journey. One of my favourite questions: “what motivated you to start your business in the first place?” And whilst I continue to be amazed by the wide range of answers I receive, there is one very common motivator that links them all – the desire for a better life.

Almost all business owners I’ve spoken to include the objectives of 1) more money, 2) more freedom, and 3) doing more of the work that they enjoy as key motivators. Unfortunately for many, these objectives rarely come to fruition. Why? It’s simple really – most small businesses across the country (also known as SME’s) continue to run the same way they began, with the owner feeling like she or he must be and do everything.

In his bestseller and must-read book, ‘The E-Myth‘ author Michael Gerber shares the challenges most business owners face when attempting to grow. Gerber notes most owners remain stuck in the same pattern of behaviour they were in when they first started their business. Quite rightly, most businesses across the country began on a shoestring budget, requiring the owner to perform all the critical roles in order for the business to function. And from Gerber’s decades of observation, breaking this pattern is far easier said than done.

For the business owner to create something truly special, a business that delivers on their original objectives and motivators, it is necessary to create more time and space to work “on the business”, rather than “in the business”, and to state the obvious, the only ways to create more time are:

a) to work longer hours, or

b) to recruit employees who can fill one or many of the critical roles within the business.

Unfortunately for most business owners, the challenges don’t end there. Assuming option b is selected, the business owner then goes about searching for their dream employees in their spare time. Not having the time to invest in the process and seeing the process as a distraction from the work they “should” be doing, the business owner begrudgingly hires one of the first three candidates to submit a resume.

Often thanks more to luck than careful selection, their rapid-fire choice proves to be a success. For most, however, this approach to recruitment can prove to be incredibly costly in more ways than one. Frustrated by the whole exercise, the business owner gives up on the idea of employees and growth and reverts to option a – hereby trapping themselves within the E-Myth vortex that Gerber’s book so vividly explains.

“So, where’s the happy ending?” I hear you say. Well, the good news is there can be a happy ending. Instead of spending all of their limited time trying to lure quality candidates into the role using but a one-paragraph online ad, business owners who defy the E-myth,  invest their time in properly defining the role, in outlining the necessary skills, and the kind of attributes and attitude which will be necessary to ensure their future employee is not soon a former employee.

And the most important step? They enlist the services of a professional angler, a reputable and experienced talent scout, otherwise known as a recruiter – someone who knows where to look and how to hook a prized catch. 

If you’re a business owner and are interested in achieving the objectives that motivated you to start your business in the first place – Hire a talent scout!

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