5 signs it’s time to quit your job

We’ve all experienced that dreaded feeling, and it’s not unlike the 3-day hangover you got after drinking 7 hours’ worth of cheap champagne at your second cousin’s wedding last November.

Often starting out as ‘Monday-itis’ it soon begins to make its way through your entire working week, with the realisation that ‘tomorrow is Friday’ is just about the only thing that can stop it in its tracks. If you’ve experienced this recently you have a problem – you most likely hate your job. But don’t despair, according to a global poll conducted by research company Gallup – you’re not alone. Alarmingly just 13% of the people surveyed worldwide actually like going to work.

The problem for most of us however it that it’s incredibly easy to explain away all of our bad feelings, and to give ourselves excuses as to why we should just ‘persevere’ with the current situation and not take any action. “You should be grateful to have a job” you tell yourself. “Quitters never win and winners never quit” is one of my personal favourites. Despite this, there reaches a point of no return, a point when it’s time to do what you know you should have done months ago.

If you’re unsure if you too have a little more than ‘Monday-itis’ I’ve put together the following list which includes 5 tell-tale signs that it’s time to tap your boss on the shoulder. 

5 signs it’s time to quit your job – do any of these set off alarm bells for you?

1 . You know deep down you’re destined for bigger and better things.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you enjoy the work you do?
  • Do you find fulfillment in the work you do?
  • Do you feel like you are making a difference?

Each and every one of us has an inbuilt desire to matter, continuing to work in a job that doesn’t deliver satisfaction and fulfillment will never allow this.

2. You’re unhappy every day you need to go to work.

Do you find yourself hitting the snooze button more than 3 times every morning, or watching the clock tick by all day long, willing the time away? Whilst not rocket science these are certain signs that you are miserable in your current role.

3. You’ve reached your ceiling within the company.

This is a situation that is particularly common for anyone working within a small to medium-sized business. Have you progressed your way up the ladder only to find the next rung doesn’t exist? You have a choice, get comfy and plod along, or look for a new opportunity to challenge yourself and to continue to grow.

4. Your personal life is beginning to suffer.

Whether you’re affected by work-related stress or simply feeling discontented in your current job, it can be incredibly difficult to flick a switch and to be happy when you return home each day. A situation that can begin to affect relationships with family and friends.

5. You don’t admire the people you work with.

Working for people you dislike or don’t respect can be enormously limiting. It stifles motivation to be better and to be a more valuable employee, which in turns limits the potential for career progression and regular salary increases.

If you find that any of these signs apply to you, why not get one of our professional recruitment specialists to help with the current market conditions and to personally tailor a profile for you aligning with what is in the market. Please call 0240581930 or email us at hello@coastalrecruitmentgroup.com.au for a free consultation.

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