If there’s one phrase that could immediately send a person down a spiral of anxiety, doubt, and stress, it’s this one: “Get a job.”

Job hunting is one of the most emotional and challenging situations that we go through in life. The cycle of applying for a position, waiting for a response, and receiving an interview invitation or rejection letter is draining and exhausting.

Plus it can take up so much of your time even just to apply for one job, let alone if you apply for many.

The Job Seeker’s Challenge

Being a job seeker is difficult. If you are currently not working or not happy in your role, it’s time for new opportunities. 

But job hunting can seem like an endless and exhausting wave that you have no choice but to ride. If this sounds familiar, there is some good news.

“Job seeking doesn’t have to be a terrible task.”

While you can’t decide if you are the right person for the role or not, there are a few things you can do to help control the fate of your professional career. By just fixing up your resume, you can open a huge variety of opportunities and differentiate yourself from your competition!

It All Depends on the Resume

The job search is a battle where you’ll have to fight against countless other job seekers clamouring for the same position you want. As such, you have to equip yourself with the best weapon to increase your chances of winning—which, in this case, is your resume.

Your fate heavily depends on this one sheet of paper. In the six to ten-second window that an employer or employment agency gives you, your resume will ultimately be the deciding factor. The way you write your resume may just determine if you land an interview or if an employer forgets about you like all other hopeful applicants.

So, How do you Tailor the Resume?

There are only so many chances to stand out from the crowd, especially when you have just a few seconds to do it. However, even though the idea of appealing to an employer in less than a minute sounds impossible, it is actually pretty doable! 

A tailored resume is your best bet to getting the recruiter to see that you’re suitable and passionate about the role. Here’s how you can tailor your resume and increase your shot at getting the job:

Review the Job Description

The first thing you have to do is determine what the employment agency is looking for in an ideal employee. 

Carefully read the description, write down essential keywords, and take note of specific requirements. Work out what’s most important for the organisation and mirror their priorities on your resume.

Highlight Your Skills

Once you’ve created a list of what the employer is most interested in, cover it in your resume. 

We recommend placing the relevant key skills, qualifications, and experience on the top third page of your resume so that they’ll be the first things the recruiter sees.

Use the Same Language

To make sure you’re a good choice for the role, use the same phrasing and tone as the job description. A simple phrase can be a crucial deciding factor—make sure to use similar wording to increase your chances further.

Proofread Your Resume

No matter how good you think your resume is, recruiters won’t be impressed if they find a spelling or grammar mistake. 

Take the time to read through every detail so that you won’t miss anything; you can also ask a friend or family member to scan your resume so any mistake you’ve overlooked is picked up.

Becoming noticed by a recruiter or an employer may seem impossible, but you can significantly increase your chances of securing an interview and even getting the job with your resume. 

When you have a tailored resume, you’ll have more employment agencies asking you for an interview, leading to more job offers!

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