3 big takeaways from a thought-provoking article on “strategies for staying at your current company or moving on, that avoid the typical advice offered by popular career websites”. 


Tim Denning is an Australian blogger with 100M+ article views — a writer for CNBC and Business Insider. In his own words, Tim’s purpose is to inspire the world through the work he produces on entrepreneurship and personal development. 

I stumbled upon one of Tim’s incredibly popular articles recently. If you’re someone who is constantly searching for ways to maximise the results you can achieve in the shortest timeframe possible, it’s a must read. Speaking from his own experiences, Tim covers just about every strategy there is to cover on how to drastically increase your salary.  

It is worth keeping in mind this is not your typical career advice. More geared towards those seeking unreasonable success than those content to follow the well-trodden path.  

Tim’s work reaffirms something I try to remind myself on a daily basis – your reality is negotiable. Questioning the status quo is essential when striving for a bigger and better life. And achieving more out of life requires approaching things differently to the way you’ve approached them in the past. 

Here are the 3-big takeaways from Denning’s article on doubling your salary in 12 months: 

1. Have a goal which is bigger and more important to you than money  

It was author Tim Ferriss who once said  

Excitement is the more practical synonym for happiness, and it is precisely what you should strive to chase. It is the cure-all.”  

By this Ferriss was referring to the belief that it is the excitement in our lives that make us happy, not the number of zeros in our salary. 

In the context of this article, the advice of the author it to be motivated not by the money itself – but rather by the exciting things, projects or experiences that you could put your additional salary towards. In my experience, taking this approach will produce results long after the gloss of a larger pay cheque wears off.       

2. Don’t ask for a pay rise  

As Denning puts it “asking for a pay rise is bad advice. Think about what you’re asking for through the eyes of a business owner. Why would they pay you more to keep doing the same job? 

Every time I have got a pay rise in my career, it has been through changing roles that come with the glorious conversation about salary. It is in this conversation that you can ask for more cash without too much effort.

If you make it to this conversation, keep in mind these tips: 

      • Never ever suggest a salary number — always let them start 
      • Counter-offer with a higher number 
      • Recite the value you bring, your past performance and highlight the one skill that you have chosen 
      • Be polite when negotiating your salary and use phrases like “Would it be possible to do $100K” 
      • If the high number you suggest is rejected, say, “Would you be able to meet me in the middle?” 

3. Leave your current company 

Have you explored all avenues to progress your career and boost your income at your current company? It may well be time to look further afield. 

Exploring a new role with a new company not only provides you with the opportunity to immediately increase your salary – minus the awkward conversation with your current boss – it may also present future opportunities to further progress your career and earnings. 

If you were to only take one thing away from this article, or that of Denning’s, be sure it is the realisation that you already have what it takes to change your income and change your life. Unreasonable success is possible when you realise your reality truly is negotiable.    

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