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In a highly competitive job market, it can seem impossible to stand out from a sea of qualified candidates.

The good news is the Australian job market is growing and we are seeing new, high-quality job opportunities ready to be snatched up by the right candidate.

With the help of leading recruiters and podcasts like The Voice of Job Seekers, it is great to see so much valuable advice and tips being provided to help job seekers on their way to success.

Hosted by career expert, Mark Anthony Dyson, this award-winning podcast aims to help underutilised and underappreciated employees, and unemployed job seekers remain empowered and educated about their job opportunities.

A recent episode, Mastering the Job Search Through Networking, features diversity recruitment leader Kenneth L. Johnson, founder of New York recruitment firm East Coast Executives. Kenneth is a networking expert, regular TED talk presenter and helps drives recruitment strategies for companies such as Disney, Pepsi and Tiffany & Co.

In the November 2020 episode, Kenneth shares the secrets behind successful networking and how you can turn a connection into a job opportunity.

Here’s 7 key takeaways from the podcast to help you network like a pro and master your job search:


1. Add value in all of your networking interactions

As much as it is great to connect with professionals and leaders in your industry, everybody wants value through their interaction. When connecting with these people, find ways that you can add value rather than just taking their tips, advice and expertise. Offer your support or insight into their work or offer compliments about some of their projects.

2. As a job seeker, you have to be the one to make the first move

Jobs rarely come to you. You have to be proactive and actively seek out opportunities. Don’t be afraid to make the first move. Start by jumping on LinkedIn and identifying the people you can connect with – be strategic and take the time to connect with the kind of people which will improve your relationship capital.

“The foundation is rooted in action. You have to act. You have to create opportunities” – Kenneth L. Johnson

3. LinkedIn is designed for interaction

So, take advantage of it! Not sure where to start? Begin by commenting on relevant content (articles, podcasts etc) that your ideal connections are posting before moving forward to connect. You never know where that conversation will lead to.

4. Always send a message with your LinkedIn request to connect

It is incredibly common for LinkedIn users to reject any connection that does not have a personal message attached. Some will reject accounts that have no profile photo either! Mark and Kenneth discuss the idea of LinkedIn etiquette and how you can use it as a professional platform to further your career.

5. Research your connection BEFORE you network

It’s not about what you like or what you think is important. Consider what they want to talk about and how you can build that relationship. Research their business, experience, ambitions and interests so you can start a conversation on the right foot. A personalised message is far more likely to be read and responded to than a standard, vague message.

6. Don’t waste people’s time

Professionals are busy. Many people are happy to help proactive job seekers but ensure you are being respectful of other people’s time, especially if they are doing you a favour. After all, time is money!

7. Engage with recruitment groups

There are so many ways to get in touch with a recruitment agency or a specialist recruiter and you never know what opportunities they may have for you. If you proactively engage, recruiters are going to recognise your potential and will want to help you reach your dream. What’s more, you can leverage their network to save you time and broaden your horizons.

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