The simple three-step process used by Tim Ferriss, author of ‘The Four-Hour Workweek,’ to conquer all

Have you ever wondered, as have I, what is required to pursue everything you have truly wanted in life?

For me, it wasn’t until a chance meeting with business coach and Newcastle entrepreneur Daniel Brown that I discovered the answer.

It was at a time in my life when I felt alone, like I was constantly fighting an uphill battle. I was working incredibly hard to progress my career in an industry renowned for chewing people up and spitting them out.

Little did I know that the years of hard work and persistence had me poised to reach my full potential; and yet I was about to throw it all away – all because I did not think I was good enough.

With the knowledge Daniel was able to pass onto me that fateful day, I finally had the answer I needed. This answer is the difference between having an aspiration to do something big with your life and seeing it through, versus second guessing yourself to the point you fail to ever take the first and most important step.

Sadly, over the years of working in recruitment in Newcastle and the Central Coast, I see far more people fall into the second category than the first; and unfortunately for many, without the benefit of this knowledge (knowledge which I will share with you as you read on) they end up stuck doing work they hate, accepting less than they are worth or failing to pursue the things they really want in life.

So, if you would prefer to take the approach of Mark Twain, which is to “Sail away from the safe harbor. Explore. Dream. Discover.” here are some simple things you can do to crush the very thing holding you back from having anything you want in life: your own limiting beliefs.

Before we get to the “how” it is important to understand why limiting beliefs play such a huge role in our lives. As Nina Cook explains in a recent article published on Forbes:

“Many of our limiting beliefs are created in our childhood. Mistakenly, we think these stories are keeping us safe, protecting us from rejection and humiliation. The reality is, they’re just stories we make up in our head by attaching made-up meanings to events. And they cost us dearly all our lives.”

To cut to the crux, these long-held beliefs are all beliefs which are formed by some sort of failure in our life – big and small. They are beliefs that when stirred up begin to fill our mind with doubt, fear and worse still, the countless reasons we are not good enough to have what we really want.

Luckily, there is a saying in life, one that that I love more than any other “success leaves clues” and when it comes to crushing limiting beliefs this is certainly the case. Below is a process utilised by some of the world’s greatest minds – Tim Ferriss and Tony Robbins included – to pursue big life goals. It’s referred to as the “Dickens Process” and here’s how to put it into action.

As Ferriss writes in New York Times best seller Tools of Titans:

“In the Dickens Process, you’re forced to examine limiting beliefs — say your top two or three handicapping beliefs — across each tense.” Past beliefs, present beliefs, and future beliefs.

The next step involves looking at each belief in depth and answering the following questions:

  1. “What has each belief cost you in the past, and what has it cost people you’ve loved in the past? What have you lost because of this belief? See it, hear it, feel it.”
  2. “What is each costing you and people you care about in the present? See it, here it, feel it.”
  3. “What will each cost you and people you care about 1, 3, 5, and 10 years from now? See it, hear it, feel it.”

The final and most important step is to “formulate 2 to 3 replacement beliefs to use going forward.” The sole aim of which, as Ferriss describes, is to ensure “you are not pulled back into [old beliefs]”.

Following this process not only allows you to clearly identify the things holding you back, it also provides you with a defence mechanism to prevent old beliefs from derailing you on your path to success. I talk from personal experience when I say crushing your limiting beliefs will contribute more to your success than any other single thing that you will do this year.

Ultimately, everyone has a choice – a choice to accept things as they are or to move towards the things that will truly contribute to the life you want. If you do choose to latter you will realise, as Tim Ferriss did “It’s incredible what can happen when you stop driving with the emergency brake on”.

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