Updating your resume? Decide what stays and what goes by asking yourself this one simple question

A well-constructed resume may well be the key to landing your all-time dream job. Needless to say, it’s worth doing the important things that will ensure your resume positions you ahead of the competition.

Your resume is your first impression to an employer or recruiter. And as anyone in business will attest to, first impressions truly do matter. To help you make the best first impression possible, we’ve mapped out the proven methods for crafting the perfect resume. 

Allow people to get to know you and like you – before they’ve even met you!

Think of your resume like a mini, personal pitch – a pitch that should answer all the important questions a recruiter or employer would ask you if they met you. Hence why it’s so important to include information like; why you are applying, what value and skills you will bring to the table, and ultimately why they should hire you.

But, don’t forget the mini part. Reading a resume shouldn’t feel like reading a dictionary!

So, how long should a resume be?

While it does depend on the industry and the technical aspects of the job you’re applying for, the ideal length of a resume is around 2 pages.

Two pages is enough to include all the essential information without adding too much detail.

But what is too much detail?

According to this LinkedIn article, less is more when it comes to resumes!

“You don’t need to list every job you’ve ever had on your resumé. And you don’t need to list every skill you’ve ever mastered, either. You just need to put the skills you have mastered and the jobs you’ve had that are relevant to the job you are applying for on your resumé.”

And to help you decide what stays and what goes, there is really only one question that matters.

This question is: how you are going to tear your resume apart and build it back up again so that it better positions you as a capable, professional, sought-after candidate?

If your resume is 5 years old, as many are, there’s a good chance it needs more than just a quick update. So, what are the most important sections to spend time on?

In a nutshell, ask yourself: Does it matter to your future employer?

It’s as simple as that. Take a look at every single word you have on your resume and ask if it matters.

There’s no absolute yes or no. Your answer will depend entirely on the job you apply for.

So that photo from seven years ago might be appropriate if you’re applying to be a model but not so much if you’re looking to be an accountant.

How about your volunteer experience? Or your hobbies and interests? It 100% depends on the job and the company.

Do your research to find out if these kinds of things are important to the company. Maybe they have a really strong sense of culture or contribute to charities which align perfectly with your personality and interests?

Asking yourself this one question and being completely objective with the answer is the key to writing a winning resume that will land you interviews.

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