Tom’s life work balance

Whilst my work as a recruiter isn’t exactly glitz and glamour it is most certainly rewarding; the kick that I get out of watching people make the transformation from a job they hate to work they love is something that provides me with an enormous amount of motivation on a daily basis. Seeing the flow through benefits to their personal lives makes it all that more real.

There are some transformations however, that stand out above all others, and they generally happen to people who have got a very clear picture of what they want out of life and who recognise that in order to move from the life they have to a life they want, you’ve got to be prepared to make changes.

I wanted to share one of those with you, a story about Tom, a good mate of mine, and someone who knows what he wants out of life.

I recently caught up with Tom – to have a chat over a beer. OK maybe it was 3 beers followed by a G & T… it was Friday people! Tom is someone who I would put in the category of having achieved a whole-of-life transformation. Not only did he change jobs, he moved states, started a family, and kicked off his own successful business in the space of just 2 years – the same timeframe it takes most people just to decide they ‘want’ to change. 

Not unhappy in his work in Melbourne, Tom’s motivations for change and for the move north to Newcastle were lifestyle focused. Living in the heart of metro Melbourne, Tom vividly remembers feeling as though peak hour traffic was slowly but surely stealing his life away from him.  A 2-3 hour round trip most days meant during winter months Tom would leave for work in the dark and return home in the dark. After 10 years of repeating the cycle, and with plans to create a great life for his family, he knew something needed to change.

“I wanted more out of life than spending 2-3 hours a day sitting in a car in traffic. My wife Nikki and I both had great jobs in Melbourne but we both love spending time near the ocean, something we rarely got to living in Melbourne. Not to mention we were starting a family and we both wanted to be around more for our kids.”  

Now settled in Newcastle with Nikki and their 3 girls, Tom says they feel blessed to have found their dream lifestyle. “I love surfing and one of the huge motivators behind moving to Newcastle was to be able to surf more often. Not having to commute (Tom’s house is a 5-minute drive from his office – not uncommon in Newcastle) means I have all this extra time each day. I get to surf every day that conditions are good and on weekends our kids love nothing more than setting up camp and spending the day at the beach. We couldn’t be happier!” 

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