Did you know the average time we spend in a job is now just 3 years, 4 months? Before you think ‘ungrateful Gen-Yers,’ let me assure you this shift in job loyalty statistics is happening across all age brackets – over 55s included.

Job tenure by age group in Australia today

Age Group Average Job Tenure
U25 1 year 8 months
25-35 2 years 8 months
35-44 4 years
45+ 6 years 8 months
Average 3 years 4 months
Source: HILDA, Department of Employment.





So, what is driving this revolution in job turnover? Whilst there are a number of factors you may already be aware of, a recent study by McCrindle Research revealed three factors driving not only increased job turnover, but also an enormous upswing in the number of people changing careers altogether.

Let’s take a look…

The typical factors behind job turnover are:

  • Moving home
  • Changing from employed, to self-employed, and back!
  • Increase in temporary, part-time, and flexible roles
  • Changing family arrangements
  • Desire for career change
  • Redundancies
  • Desire for work/life balance

The three major factors driving not only job turnover, but also career change today:

  • Education
  • Upskilling
  • Easier access to new job opportunities – via online recruitment portals and recruitment agencies

So how can you leverage these to your own advantage?

In a sentence, be strategic.

Allow me to explain – think about your current role, your current profession. Is this something you love? Is the industry thriving or dwindling? Does the prospect of staying in this profession for the rest of your life excite you?

If it does – fantastic! Look at the opportunities to progress your career through further education, attainment of licences or degrees. Invest in the things which will ultimately make you more valuable than you are today – either to your current employer, or when applying for a role in the future.

On the flipside, if you are unhappy in your current role or profession, remember you have options. Access to new job opportunities has never been easier. Whether via recruitment agencies like Coastal Recruitment Group, which offer personalised service; or online job boards like Seek, Jora and even LinkedIn.

Then of course, there is the option to change careers entirely; and thanks to an unprecedented number of online courses, education, and training – obtaining the skills you need to change careers has never been easier!

Whether you find yourself in the former category or the latter, also consider the roles, professions and industries which have the highest demand for new talent.

According to the Job Outlook, a report compiled by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment advised, “There is likely to be demand in industries where employment has grown strongly in recent years, including:”

Remember most of all, despite the challenges 2020 has dished up so far, opportunities for you to make positive changes in your life and in your career are more abundant than ever. Leverage the factors outlined above and make 2020 one to remember, for all the right reasons. 

If the clock is counting down on your current job and you are ready for a new challenge – get in touch with Newcastle and the Hunter’s leading boutique recruitment agency. Coastal Recruitment Group can introduce you to new roles where the businesses have drive, passion and values that match your own. Check out our current advertised positions, call our office or email your CV to hello@coastalrecruitmentgroup.com.au today.

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