Have you been feeling tired of the tedious routine of your current job and are looking for a change? 

If Monday-itis is hitting you hard, it can be tempting to quit as soon as possible and take any new job that gives you even the tiniest amount of hope for better and brighter Mondays.

Before you start seeking – and most definitely before you accept a new offer – there are a few things you need to seriously think about before transitioning into a new job role. 

Even if you have already accepted a new job, there are a few crucial steps you need to take to ensure that the transition from your old job to your new one will be a smooth one. 

4 Crucial Things to Do Before Changing Jobs

To ensure that you will not encounter any complications or problems down the line, here are four of the most critical tasks to get out of the way before you make the move and transition into your new dream role. 

1. Look into Your Financial Situation

This means more than just looking at your old paycheck at your old job and comparing it to other job ads.

While you may not be looking to make a career change just for the money, it is important that you search for a job that is going to match your financial needs. 

Looking into your financial situation will help you manage your funds properly, especially since you may need to plan for a small break between jobs where you will not have your regular incoming wage.

2. Consider if you are willing to commute? 

Next, you need to consider if you are willing to commute at your new job? 

At Coastal Recruitment Group, we understand that living in Newcastle or on the Central Coast can often mean a long, daily commute to the bustling CBD of Sydney. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are plenty of professional service roles and growing businesses looking to hire locally. There may even be a working from home position that would suit you perfectly!

3. Do you want more flexibility?

Many people plan to change jobs because of the lack of flexibility their current organisation offers. Maybe you’re working way too many hours? Or want to be able to work from home two days a week, or perhaps you’d like to seek a 9 day working fortnight?

No matter what your perfect job looks like, consider what you really want before saying yes to any job. It pays to think about the long-term and an organisation that wants to employ you for the future will gladly hear your preferences.

4. Find Where You Are Happy

You want to ensure that you find a company that makes you happy. This extends much further than simply looking at the amount of salary the new company is willing to offer you.

When seeking a new role, make sure you carefully read the job description. Do you think working at a new company will make you happy? Consider this well. Remember that working in a place that you are comfortable with will help you be happier for your future.  

These things may seem trivial, but making sure that you seriously consider and ponder these things will ensure that you will be able to change jobs with less stress and more smiles.

If you are wanting to find your dream job, Coastal Recruitment Group has fantastic open positions for you to consider. Our aim is to help you find the perfect role for your future! Work with one of the best recruitment agencies in Newcastle and land your dream job today!



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